8 by 8 dots rangoli 8-8 dots kolam

8 x 8 dots rangoli 

A common rangoli with dots , such square dot patterns with 8 dots are not common in Tamil Nadu.  I would like to share some of the designs.

This is slightly tricky, connecting the dots with straight lines,  the images should help make the steps easy for those who may need them.

Always it is advisable to draw the easiest patterns first so that the remaining dots can be used to create the more complicated ones.  Accordingly four butterflies are drawn at the four corners.

8-x-8 dots-rangoli-1a.png

The first step of connecting the dots with straight lines.

The next step connecting the dots with lines parallel to the first.
8-x- 8-dots-rangoli-1ac.png

This leaves two dots on four sides and four dots at the centre as in the picture above.

8-x-8 dots-rangoli-1ad.png

Connect the four outer dots with curved lines.

8-x 8-dots-rangoli-1af.png

Butterfly like patterns can be replaced with floral designs also.
8-x 8-dots-rangoli-1ai.png

8 pulli sikku kolam | 8 dots sikku kolam

The images show the steps to make the kolam easy to understand and draw.  Sikku kolam are like Math problems , they can tie us up in knots if we do not concentrate !





Simple elephant kolam | hathi rangoli using 8-8 matrix as reference

This is a beautiful rangoli that can be drawn for Diwali or Ganesh Chaturthi in the Puja room.
Marking the position of the elephants is important to draw the head , ear and the eye.  The rest is quite easy.

In the dot matrix start the first elephant at the 7th dot of 2nd row


After drawing the head and ear draw the trunk.


Then comes the tusk and the decoration on the forehead.

The second elephant is drawn at the 7th dot in the 7th row

The third elephant is drawn at 2nd dot of 2nd row

The fourth elephant is drawn at the 2nd dot of 7th row.


After drawing all elephants we can shade inside with rangoli or we can choose a suitable colour to fill.  I have a mixture of used rangoli powder, the resultant  colour usually is suitable for elephant designs.  This is what I use for elephant kolam.

Clover leaf rangoli - ettu pulli kolam

Another common kolam using this square dot pattern.  Repeated patterns in the shape of a clover leaf , the images below show the steps





8 dots kambi kolam

This kambi kolam as these twisted rangolis are also called uses 8 by 8 dot pattern.
As usual few images to show the steps which are very essential for kambi kolams of any size !




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