Benefits of kolam rangoli singificance

 There may be many answers to  this question .  A beautiful explanation I received through a Whatsapp forward recently. 
A wealthy businessman with his family had the darshan of Mahaperiya  🙏🙏 ( His Holiness Jagathguru  Shri Chandrashekharendra Saraswathi Mahaswamigal or  the Sage of Kanchi )
The rich businessman  had many problems in life and so sought the blessings of Saint to overcome them.
He asked the Saint "Why do I face so many problems "
Mahaperiya asked him whether his family had the tradition of drawing kolam daily at the entrance of the  home
He said "Yes "
Swami asked him who drew the kolam.  The businessman's wife  replied that it was drawn by the servant.
Swami smiled and replied , "Drawing kolam is the way of offering Pooja to Bhoomadevi to whom we are indebted.  Since your servant draws the kolam , she gets the blessings of Bhoomadevi"
So let us follow His advice and draw kolam daily at the entrance of our homes and get the Blessings of Mother Earth.
Of course we can add other benefits like
a) good exercise to the brain , mind
b) improves hand eye coordination 
c) by bending down and drawing the kolam we perform variations of some yoga postures according to my husband who is a student of yoga asanas for four decades.  He says when we bend we perform a minor variation of Uttanasana ( bending forward at the hip )  while moving around a minor variation of Chatushpadasana ( walk as done by quadrupeds like cow )  is performed.  I invariably do not sit.  However , when we sit to fill colours for big rangoli designs it can be Vajarasana ( the way Japanese sit as seen in movies ) or Siddhasana ( a simple cross legged pose)
Let us see how to draw a simple kolam through few images           

Benefits of drawing kolam - creativity 
Benefit of drawing rangoli - concentration

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