Arali poo garland pink oleander flowers

The pictures below show step by step how we can get a beautiful and thick garland using arali flowers.
This method gives a beautiful garland .  It gives me immense pleasure offering it to Goddess when I perform Puja.  

The first two flowers are tied one above and another below - the usual method of tying .  The next two pictures show how the knot is made




In this type of garland , the length of the thread we leave on the left determines the length of the garland

After tying the first two flowers, turn.  Then place one flower so that the stalk is parallel and lies on the thread on the left side

Thread goes around the stalk and comes to the right side of the flower placed

Place the next flower to the right of the previous flower so that the stalk is on the thread 


Again the thread goes around the stalk and comes to the right side


Continue these steps 

After completing the garland tie knots using the left and right ends of the threads to secure all the flowers.
If you want information on 
a) Karaveera  flower mala or ganera flower garland,  you can observe the pictures for this beautiful method. 

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