Amazing peacock rangoli designs Diwali

   Awesome peacock rangoli for Deepavali , Sankranthi | Easy method

Drawing a free hand peacock in a rangoli is a challenge.  So  I have used the now common technique of mine -  using household objects like CDs , bangles to get some basic shapes.

In this rangoli I have used bangles and ice cream sticks ( popsicle sticks )  to get some of the patterns.  The images below should give a step by step explanation for making this design.
Place seven glass bangles as shown in the image below.

Draw line with rangoli as shown in the next image.  Use shades of blue and green since we are drawing a peacock


The next two images show how ice cream sticks - three numbers are used to get the tail.  Place three at inner edges of the pattern and draw outside the sticks and gently remove them.



Draw the head and neck of the bird in the gap.  The next photo shows it.  As far as possible I add the position of my hand or fingers to emphasise where the rangoli is progressing.


Next come the eyes and beak and the outline of all birds is complete.


Next some decorations inside on the body that is visible in yellow .  Fill the tail with blue and green colours.

The decorations of the plumage are over.  Now the inside of the rangoli is filled with decorations according to our imagination.  The next two images show how .


We can add a floral design at the centre made by a cotton bud.

The tail is further extended with thin blue lines ( the position of the hand shows where I am doing it )
Since the peacock invariably has a long tail and the ice cream sticks are short I added the extensions of lines.

This method ,  I presume is one of easiest to create best peacock rangoli designs for competition in schools and colleges.  Also may be useful for beginners who are interested in peacock drawing in rangoli.

Easy peacock rangoli with clothes hanger

I purchased clothes hangers from a shopping mall in Chennai . I discovered that the hangers could be used to create simple peacock patterns .  I tried using multi colours and the result is in the pictures below.




1) How to make peacock rangoli for Diwali 
2) How to draw peacock rangoli step by step
3) How to make easy peacock rangoli 
These questions may be answered by these images showing innovative peacock designs.
Whether you call  mor rangoli design or nemali muggulu or navilu without chukki rangoli this theme is an awesome one for Dipavali or Sankranti

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