Simple kolam designs Varalakshmi Pooja

 For the mantap on which we place the kalasam or face of the Goddess we usually draw auspicious rangolis like Hridaya kamalam or Aishwarya kolam.  

For decoration in front of the mantapam or outside the house we can choose to draw  a simple padi kolam or any other design of our choice except sikku kolam.  Some ideas are given  through images  .

This is a collection of without chukki rangoli designs with an intermediate step to make it clear if there are any doubts.   First one of the simplest kolam created by me for social media.  Colours can be added to make it more beautiful


Drawing the central design around which patterns can be added according to our convenience.  The secret is drawing the lines at one stretch , joints in lines should be avoided


               One more simple rangoli with lines that can be used to decorate the space before the Mandap                            
Next is a dotted kolam - 7 by 4 dots .  Placing small dots inside the design can be done by using very little powder .  Also the role of the thumb is very important in placing dots                              

The small rangoli with intricate patterns in progress


A different type of design.  We can add more patterns if we feel that there is lot of space left. I wanted to try something easy and different 

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