Diwali muggulu with Rangoli kolam with lines

Diwali muggulu with lines | Dhaurmasam geethala muggulu | Sankranti geethala muggulu

Traditional rangoli with lines are drawn for festivals and functions in many parts of India. They are particularly popular during Dhaurmasam or  Margazhi up to Sankranti ( Pongal )

 We may use for Diwali also for change instead of the usual colourful rangoli .

These may be considered as innovative rangoli for Diwali.  Draw with a kaavi border to denote that it is for an auspicious occasion.  The rangoli with lines is small but it may not be as simple  as the final image suggests.

First some small muggu that can be drawn easily without step by step images.  These are a deviation from the traditional muggulu with lines and are cute and trendy 



The above four designs if you notice make use of trendy patterns on a basic square.  I have used two lines only ,  usually we draw designs with 4 lines.  In our family we make use of 2,4 and 5 too. 

Rangoli with lines are usually drawn with 2, 4, or 5 lines. So I have drawn the central square with two parallel lines ( Padi kolam as they are also called usually start with square base ).

 Next draw a rhombus like shape connecting the four sides of the square.  Now draw a smaller square inside the rhombus.  Now decorate the spaces inside with a number of usually 4 or 5 lines 

 The remaining small spaces are decorated with dots. If sufficient space is there we can have lines also.

There is just one  line left on the four sides , a small circle is placed on either side to complete the design. Why don't we try this for Diwali , this is as creative as one can get with a rangoli with just lines and few colours. The final image shows how beautiful a rangoli can become with just lines and a few patterns.

 Diwali is one of the most auspicious festivals and celebrated in various parts of India , USA , UK , Europe and many other countries unlike some festivals that are celebrated at a state or regional level, Diwali is celebrated through out the world where ever Indians live.  Padi kolam or rangoli designs with lines are drawn for auspicious occasions and festivals.  We can try this beautiful art for Diwali or Laxmi Puja decoration, or for Bhai dooj .  We decorate this kolam with a kaavi ( red ochre ) border when  drawn on Fridays, festivals and functions like wedding ,  house warming . The images should be self explanatory for the steps in drawing this rangoli .  It can be drawn free hand also but I have used a 4 by 4 dot  pattern.



                                                        Diwali muggulu designs | Easy rangoli        

In this theme for Deepavali festival with only rangoli with lines.  An easy rangoli design through the images below.  It is tricky at one place otherwise a small and simple muggu only                        


This step may be tricky for some of us.  Joining all the curved lines so that they converge as shown in the picture below

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