Rangoli designs with dots - 6 dots

6 pulli kolam | simple and easy 

ow to draw beautiful birds with 6 by 6 pulli design.  The images show the steps. The birds are majestic aren't they .

This collection of square dot pattern type rangolis should be useful for your daily kolangal, small rangoli designs for Diwali, Dasara

The videos for  some of these designs are there in my YouTube channel Rangolisansdots All the rangoli patterns 

are suitable to  be used as Navratri rangoli for kolu, aren't they. 

As is obvious from the images these are easy  designs using simple patterns and can be used as a daily rangoli design.

How to make rangoli powder at home  After purchasing the white rangoli powder from the local market , sieve using a fine sieve to remove solid particles.

Add rice flour to white rangoli powder - the ratio is for one part rice flour add three parts rangoli powder to get 

the advantages of both rice flour and kola podi

Square dot grids like 6 x 6 are commonly used in states like Maharastra for festivals like Dipavali .  Let us move on to the kolam 

 The pictures show the kolam in side view


Next image for the 6 pulli kolam simple 


Small birds rangoli kolam with dots after completion


In countries like United States and probably European countries white rangoli powder may not be available.  We can make rangoli powder at home by mixing one part of rice flour and one part of powdered salt.   The patterns drawn with this mixture are almost similar to rangoli powder drawn patterns.  It can be used on wooden and tiled floors.  The disadvantage is we cannot use on wet floor due to the presence of salt.  

Why do we draw rangoli near the gas stove at night 

In our tradition and culture , we see God in everything .  Food is Anna Lakshmi for us.   So kolam before the stove is to show our gratitude for the prosperity bestowed upon us - that we are able to take good food every day.

On the practical side , when my mother was young , she said there was no electricity in many places and so insects etc. used to settle inside the aduppu . 

 Kolam drawn with rice flour probably drew out the insects from the stove.  Those days cooking started early in the morning at 4 am because fire wood stoves took a long time to become hot and cooking was also delayed.   It was common to find houses with chimneys for the smoke coming out of the stove to escape to the atmosphere.

By drawing a kolam with rice flour near the stove , food for the insects etc was also provided along with other obvious benefits.

All the rangoli use 6 by 6 dot pattern that are commonly used in Maharastrian rangoli with dots for Diwali 

Diwali dots rangoli | Square rangoli designs

6 dots kolam or 6 dots muggulu for Diwali

Peacock rangoli with 6 dots
Fill with white patterns for daily use and colours for festivals


Mark the position with rhombuses


Draw the head, crown , eyes and beak


Draw the tail it extends slightly outside the dot pattern


6 pulli 6 varisai kolangal After five comes six (!) and hence this post for six dots rangolis.  
This is the latest and newest addition to this category of rangoli designs, the dot pattern is 6 by 6.  

This rangoli is quite common and can be found at the entrance of many homes in Tamil Nadu.  The black and white photos of the rangoli showing the steps below.


Steps for the very easy 6 dots rangoli kaom



Complete the rangoli and add simple decorations inside the floral petals to make a simple rangoli attractive and beautiful. This design can also be used if you are looking for a small kolam of Margazhi or Pongal or for that matter New Year

Using the same 6 by 6 dot pattern and the same outer floral petal designs we can change the central pattern to a flower to get the kolam as shown in the steps below



Tip for a beautiful rangoli design , draw the floral petals in one stretch

Simple attractive rangoli after decoration

 The difference between this kolam and the previous kolam in the outer floral petals is that while I have drawn 3 petals in the previous kolam, in this design there are four petals


The next rangoli with a 6 by 6 dot grid, shown in two stages.  Place the dot pattern - in the top portion of the image, the patterns at the bottom are drawn first and they are later modified to the patterns at the top.  The bottom portion shows the completed rangoli with colours added. 

Single pic showing step by step for the chukki rangoli with dots 6 by 6

The next one  with 6 by 6 dots is a floral design with some geometric patterns at the base of each flower. Place the six by six dot template.  Draw the floral patterns on the four sides.

Then draw the simple pattern at the centre (it is filled with colours and hence looks complicated).  Connect the flowers to the central design.  Fill the flower with yellow and pink colours for the flowers!. The same rangoli with the steps required. 

 First draw the straight lines as shown on the four sides.  Add floral patterns on the tops and connect the three dots at the bottom of each straight line with jagged patterns as shown.  Complete the rangoli as in step 3.  Two colourful versions are available here for reference.


Two photos for this beginner small rangoli with 6 dots 


The next rangoli using 6 dot grid is a plain white design.  The dot pattern is 6 by 6. 

 Two steps of the kolam are shown below.

Step for the simple small rangoli with 6 dots 
Paisley designs are also used in rangoli with dots.  They can be drawn using a portion of the dot pattern or can be drawn free hand outside the dot grid.  In this rangoli I have used three dots on each corner of the dot grid to draw the paisley design.  It is a 6 by 6 dot grid. 

 The rangoli is show in three steps.  In the first step the patterns shown are drawn leaving the central dots and the ones at the corners for Paisleys.  The dots at the centre have been used to get lamps designs.  The completed rangoli is shown in the third step.


The same kolam with filled with different colours 

The kolam shown in the photo below uses a 6 by 6 dot grid.  After placing the dot grid draw the four patterns including the paisley (or mangai design in Tamil ).

  At the centre use the two by two dot grid to draw the designs in purple.  Around this the deepam design is drawn with the remaining dots.  The gaps have been filled with kolam powder to make the kolam appear complete. 

 The steps have been shown in the previous pic. We can add more decorations after filling up the colours.  I have added a few lines in yellow.

Simple lotus rangoli designs for Diwali 
With just a six dot pattern , we can draw a beautiful rangoli at the entrance or at a place inside for Diwali decoration.  I have drawn the white rangoli design with 6 by 6 dot pattern. 

 We can add pink colours for the lotus or even blue.  We can draw in on the floor or use a colour rangoli for contrasting background. It is yet to fully bloom lotus , the side view , with just six dots when we draw four lotuses this what we can achieve !

Pictures of steps for the 6 dots flower kolam


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