CD rangoli designs for Navratri Diwali craft

CD rangoli | Diwali decoration idea | eco friendly material

This is a very simple and easy CD craft that can be used for Diwali decoration using diyas for our homes.  Take some waste CDs to recycle them.

  Clean the CDs and with a clean cloth.  With cotton buds dipped in honey draw rangoli designs on the CDs , sprinkle semolina.

  The semolina sticks to the honey and rangoli is formed.  Next apply honey inside the patterns and stick kundan stones.  For the remaining 4 CDs draw some simple patterns with honey and cotton bud, sprinkle rava or semolina and tap gently to remove excess semolina.

 The CD rangoli for Diwali diya decoration is ready.  Try this innovative rangoli design for Diwali 


Unique rangoli for Dhanteras or Dasara 


Draw pattern with cotton bud dipped in honey 


                                                                Sprinkle rava or semolina


Cd rangoli design for Diwali

Drawing a free hand rangoli on a Cd ( a reusable craft from cd ) is also a good idea for decoration during Diwali or Navratri.  Draw a simple rangoli with 3D outliners or we can draw a pattern with pencil and then trace with 3D outliners.  Then fill with different colours with glass colours.  We should make thick lines of the rangoli so that the glass colours do not spill out.  I have made six rangoli designs with compact disks with the same patterns and one at the centre with a different pattern.

The images below show the initial steps



Cd craft using old CDs is today an important part of school projects .  We can also use this idea for decoration for festivals.  For Navratri golu it is good idea to decorate the golu with a CD decoration rangoli along with the regular rangoli or kolam.   This can be retained for nine days ( the festival is celebrated for nine days ).  My mother said that the Navratri golu is to be give the same importance we give for Pooja room and hence it is a good practice to decorate it in a similar way - by offering aarti, naivedyam , lighting lamps and decorating with a rangoli daily.  We can use a kaavi border also.
Since we have different types of other decoration for the Navratri golu or kolu , like streamers , parks, festoons, serial lights around the golu we can also have a different type of permanent rangoli.  The common ideas are foam sheet rangoli , rangoli in water , CD rangoli as we have here.

simple decoration for Ganesh Chathurthi / Navratri / Diwali


Using CDs that are no longer being used we can make beautiful decorations for festivals.  I have drawn the rangoli with 3D outliners.  Simple free hand designs are drawn on the six CDs and the patterns are filled with glass colours.  We can draw the patterns straight away or we can draw the template first. At the centre paste the picture of Ganpathi taken from any source ( I have taken Lord Ganpathi from a dhoop stick box ). The entire arrangement can be placed as a decoration during Ganpathi Chathurthi.

Navratri golu decoration ideas / Diwali rangoli ideas

This is a combination of CD , kundan rangoli on OHP sheet , kundan rangoli on foam sheet.  Actually we can combine all or have them separately as rangoli designs.  We can have an exclusive foam sheet rangoli craft , we can have a kundan rangoli design or CD rangoli as we have seen above.  I have made different types of designs using different patterns and material and have stored them in a plastic container.  So they are useful when we need for festival decoration.  This rangoli below I have made for Navratri 2016 golu or kolu decoration.  ( The lamp can be seen on the top left corner ).  Actually we light two lamps , draw a kolam for golu .  These artificial rangoli designs are in addition to the main rangoli to make the golu decoration even more attractive.


CD craft project ideas - Rangoli designs for Diwali

One more project with waste CD ( many of nursery rhyme and cartoon compact discs I have that my children watched infinite times when they were kids ) .  Technology advances so fast that once owning compact discs was a status symbol in the recent past , probably one decade ago. 

I use fabric glue and form the petals free hand from the centre of the compact disc or CD.  Then between any two petals form V shaped inverted patterns all around.  Wait for 10 to 15 minutes , for the glue to dry.  Then using glass colours or glitters fill the inside of the petals with pink colour and  the patterns between the petals  with green colour.  Place a battery operated diya for Diwali decoration.  A  simple and beautiful decoration idea for Diwali or for a school project for the children. I have drawn the Hridaya kamalam on another CD , that is shown behind this.


Some of the images showing the steps involved in doing this simple school  project for Diwali for children.  Of course we can also make this a very good Diwali decoration or craft for our homes.


One more image for one of the easiest rangoli craft ideas



Two rangoli craft activities in the picture below


Some examples of recycle of CDs for Diwali decoration ideas as also for Navratri decoration of golu.
The images below should give an idea.


                                             Diwali diya decoration with CD rangoli and diyas


Fancy kolam for Pongal kolam designs | Sankranti muggulu

CDs can also be used to create a circular base for a Diwali or Lakshmi Puja rangoli .  The circle is drawn around the CD.  Patterns are drawn around the CD and finally we can remove the CD to get a perfect circle at the centre.  Then we can fill the inside of the circle with colours and patterns of our choice.  Some examples of old CDs used in rangoli designs are in the images below.



Innovative CD rangoli pictures with steps for New Year

A gallery of pictures is given below to explain how a few old Cds can be used to make a beautiful and symmetrical rangoli that is also very colourful and beautiful.  Using the finger touch technique of rangoli and the cotton bud technique and tricks we can decorate the rangoli.  Here are the steps through the pics





If you are looking for a beautiful and easy without chukki rangoli  you can use CDs to create  with the tips given in this blog post.

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