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Moong dhal ladoo | Pasi paruppu laddu | Pasi paruppu urundai for Diwali
  • Take required quantity of moong dhal , dry roast in a vessel till it turns golden brown in colour.
  • The raw smell of the dhal should be completely removed by the roasting.
  • Then make it into a fine powder with a mixer or blender.  We have what is called "machine" colloquially , in Indian cities and towns for making fine powder of grains.
  • Finely powdered sugar called bura sakkarai or sugar .  This can be powdered in our mixer.
  • For one measure moong dhal  flour , take three fourths measure of powdered sugar.
  • Add a little cardamom powder , fry cashew nuts broken into small pieces in ghee
  • Add both to the mixture of dhal flour and sugar powder.
  • All the ingredients should be mixed well for some time so that they blend well.
  • Then take two or three table  spoons of ghee , heat on a stove 
  • Add the liquid ghee  to the flour , sugar mixture in a circular path , all around
  • Then mix well again all the ingredients so that we get a dough like mixture .
  • Make spherical shapes out of the dough using the hands to get the laddu ready for serving.
  • This can be used as an evening snack for kids also.
Moong dhal ladoo step by step pictures ( பாசிப்பருப்பு லட்டு )


Ingredients for traditional moong dhal laddu



Moong dhal laddu with sugar 



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