Rangoli kolam designs without dots steps

How awesome can a traditional rangoli get ! Images show the step by step procedure


We can add colours for Dhanurmasam or Sankranti otherwise a simple kaavi filling here and there should enhance the attractiveness.


Draw a square and parallel lines on all four sides.  Remove excess length if any


Connect the lines with inclined lines.  The next few images show the steps.  It is not complicated and it follows a rule .  When seen on the image ,  the bottom right connects to the top left and the bottom left connects to the top right and so on.






 Once the  puzzle with lines is complete add designs as shown in the pics





The beauty of traditional kolam is the creativity.  It is amazing and awesome that our mothers and grandmothers could create so many designs ( this rangoli was created by me :) )  .  I remember , we sisters discussing with our mother , discussing the various patterns that could be created .  With a chalk piece we used to create on the floor infinite designs .  The most beautiful design was usually decided by consensus.  So many positive attributes are given to kolam by modern day scientists like -  it improves hand , eye coordination ,  exercise to the brain and so on.  We were blissfully unaware of these benefits of drawing kolam.  We created , drew with religious fervor because it is a tradition .

Coming to this kolam ,  the free hand motifs outside make it more beautiful.  However while selecting such patterns we should ensure that they are congruous with the main design.  This comes from experience.

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