Parrot kolam designs with dots step by step images

Kolam for Pongal 2019 |  Muggulu for Sankranthi 2019 

A very beautiful kolam called kili kolam in Tamil.  The beauty lies in connecting the dots with curved lines to form the neck and tail.  Once we achieve this ,  it is child's play.

This kolam when I drew for the video to be uploaded on my YouTube Channel it was difficult because I had to get the tails as perfectly as possible on all sides. Drawing each kolam is a different experience and gives a new experience too !

There are also step by step pictures for simple mayil kolam with pulli and with steps  in Rangoli sans dots .

The dot pattern is 15 to 8 - idukku pulli
This chukki rangoli 15 to 8 can be drawn for Dasara , Deepavali if we want to have a grand rangoli with colours
Gili rangoli with dots can be tried for Bhogi or Sankranti when we want to display our rangoli making skills.
One of the best rangoli designs in kili kolam variety , many steps have been shown for easy understanding.
As shown in the image below , connect the dots to form the parrots with a single line .  It is little difficult and comes with practice.
15-8 chukkala muggulu designs is quite a common dot grid in rangoli art
pakshi rangoli designs usually include parrots , peacocks 
Good quality colours are also needed to make a rangoli with colours awesome.
Among the bird kolam with 15 dots it is ranks among the best for the test in dexterity
White rangoli is nearing completion

The pictures show the step by step procedure for this awesome rangoli.  I have added as many pics as possible so that every one can follow easily.  This is a classical rangoli for Sankranthi or Pongal when we try to show off our artistic skills through such designs. 

Usually I draw all the kolam standing or sitting from one side only.  This is not easy because we have to visualise all the patterns , connecting the lines with the dots from one side.  Some how I am comfortable with this technique in most kolams. 

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