Puzzle with dots and lines in kolam pics

Create the star dot pattern 

7 dots one row then 8,9,10 dots above and below, then 3,2,1 dots above and below the 10 dot row
This will result in a star dot pattern as shown in the image below

Step 1 - Draw the hexagaon with lines


Step 2 - Draw a pair of parallel lines on all six sides as shown in the photo


Draw a line below the row with 7 dots connecting the smaller inclined lines as shown


Draw a line above the row with 7 dots


Connect the outer lines as shown in the next image below


Another step in this kolam after more connections are made with inclined lines


Draw lines outside the row with 9 dots on either side


Again slanting lines connect the outer lines in the next three images





The next six images show triangles being drawn inside, the position of the hand shows how the lines proceed.  I have included the hand in the picture to give a better idea



The hand shows a triangle being drawn connecting three sides of the hexagonal pattern


The next two pics show the second triangle being drawn connecting the remaining three sides


After completion it is really beautiful isn't it , though challenging we will get the satisfaction of  having achieved something once we complete the pattern.


Kolam is a simple floor art but some of the designs with dots can be really complicated and challenging.   If we get it right after trying a few times we should be happy that we have achieved.  Some designs may require a lot of practice before we can draw them with confidence without getting stuck !

A beautiful Indian tradition in which the intelligence, creative abilities of the individual are brought out through patterns drawn on the floor, daily.

Hats off to the home maker women of the previous generation who had little formal education but were experts in creating and drawing such patterns.

Square kolam patterns - with lines 



 This kolam is formed mainly with squares , then dots are placed in the centres of the squares.
The final pattern may appear confusing but if practised a few times we can easily get it.

The  video shows the steps , slow motion video is also added to give a better idea 

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