10 years on social media sharing rangoli

 On 20th of August 2022 , I completed 10 years on social media .  I started sharing rangoli images on Blogger on 20th of August 2012. 

 My Instagram account - Rangoli sans dots also crossed one lakh followers in the same week.  Obviously it has been possible due to the support and motivation given my viewers.  

Initially I started posting rangoli images on my kolam website.  Then I started posting videos on YouTube. 

 They became so popular that I was invited by YouTube to the inauguration of their first studio in Asia at Mumbai .  That was in 2015.  You may learn more about my journey on social media if you are interested

Then I started posting videos on my Facebook Page from 2016 .  

Only recently i.e March 2022 I started posting rangoli reels on Instagram. 

Many viewers ask why all my Pages are called Rangolisansdots though I post designs with dots also. 

Initially I started with kolam without dots.  Once you name a Page on social media it is difficult to change 

I am pleasantly surprised by the amount of affection and respect I receive from my followers on Facebook.

Though there were invitations at present I am not posting on other platforms.  Time is a constraint.

Once again thank you for your support 🙏🙏

                                      At a program conducted by YouTube                                              

Stats during 2016
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Small rangoli with dots

9 dots or pulli kolangal