Oodu pulli kolam 7-4 dots rangoli

7 to 4 dots rangoli kolam for daily purpose 

This collection of pulli kolam simple ,  one more set of simple kolam designs for your reference. 

I have sharing hundreds of designs to facilitate drawing kolam daily early in the morning.

Every day for many of us drawing kolam is like performing Pooja.  When we bend down to create one for the day sometimes we may not be able create instantaneously due to other distractions or duties but are not willing to settle for some random design that may occur in our minds. 

Hence I am sharing lots of designs so as to make creating simple kolam art easy. Most of them are created by me except common kolam.


Steps for this simple birds kolam with dots 


The result is a simple and beautiful kolam .  We can also draw it for Navarathri golu , Deepavali or New Year.

7-4 dots vilakku kolam  for entrance of house


For those who are looking for deepa chukki rangoli here are the steps for an easy pattern.

There is a tradition of drawing small rangolis on either side of a bigger design for Bhogi and Pongal.  One of these kolams can be used for the purpose

This kolam and the next one can be drawn on Fridays at the vasal or for Deepavali and Karthigai Deepam Thiruvizha


One of the simplest deepam muggulu with chukkalu



A simple hexagon based daily vasal kolam with 7 to 4 dots


A white kolam with dots , simple and easy rangoli


Oodu pulli kolam also known as idukku pulli kolam use the dot pattern that increase by 1 when counted from the  top or bottom  or decrease by 1 when counted from the centre .  Due to the closely placed dots we can draw more intricate patterns as seen in the first kolam, i.e birds.
The most common are 5-3 dots, 7-4 dot pattern and 9-5 dot grid.  These kolams can be used for our daily purpose kolangal at the entrance.

Kolam tips 
While placing the dots place the central row first , then those above and below to get a reasonably perfect dot grid.  We can also have the nilapadi as reference to place the first row of pulli !!

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Small rangoli with dots

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