Kutty padi kolam Small padi kolangal

Small easy padi kolam


A simple and cute padi kolam I drew for Varalakshmi Vratham 2020.  If you need to know the steps for this design go to this link to watch it on YouTube

Simple small padi kolam 


Padi kolam with lotus patterns makes it suitable to be drawn as a Friday rangoli because   Lotus is associated with Goddess Lakshmi 

Cute padi kolam


One more simple and small design with lotus patterns ,  again the lotus patterns make it suitable for Vellikizhamai or Navratri Vellikizhamai kolam 

Simple padi kolam for Tuesday


The image above, an idea how to get a simple yet grand padi kolam for Tuesday ( Sevvaikizhami padi kolam . It is quite simple only getting acceptable level of symmetry comes with practice.  For those who would like to learn dot grids can be used to draw these type of kolam

Beautiful padi kolam for Vijayadasami


Again a relatively small kolam.  The addition of so many motifs, fractals , dots make it appear grand but actually it is a small padi kolam only.  Try for any day of Dussehra or for Vijaya dasami , this design may symbolically represent victory also.  


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