Pinnal kolam designs for daily kolangal

Pinnal kolam images for Margazhi | Pongal 

First kolam  with 7 to 1 dots

This kolam is quite small and easy and in a couple of steps in the images below



This is a beautiful kolam that can be drawn with 5,7,9,11 dots etc.  The bigger the dot pattern the concentration required is more. Here the dot pattern is 5 dots - 3 rows, 4,3,2,1



This kolam has a combination of two fractals.  In the first image we can see the first fractal being used.  The dot pattern is 9 to 1



Another beautiful kolam . A non standard dot grid is used .  The dot pattern is 9 dots 4 rows then 4 dots - 2 rows then 2 dots one row


Add colours and free hand patterns to enhance the beauty

This is not a classical pinnal kolam,  a design I created .  The principle is the same, - lines around the dot grid. which is 7 by 7 dots



Another common kolam , the dot pattern is 9 dots 3 rows, 7 dots - 2 rows then 3 dot - 2 rows



This design is a simple vasal kolam , only white - the dot pattern is 9 to 1


Another vasal kolamthe dot pattern being 9 dots one row, 7 dots one row, 5 dots one row, then 3 dots , with some extra dots


step 2

Pinnal kolam - pinnal means plaits of hair - is another name for these type of kolams. - since there is similarity in the twists and turns in the plaits and these kolam.  We draw the lines around the dot grid to get a design that is usually has bilateral symmetry , some have unilateral symmetry.
Please note that due to the position of the camera which was again due to some constraints side view of the kolams are seen.  This will not make a difference when there is bilateral symmetry but in the case of those with unilateral symmetry .  This will be evident when we observe the images carefully

Please note that since there are thousands of designs ,  some kolam I may have drawn again but the same images do not repeat usually


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