Idli batter recipe step by step

Idli maavu preparation ratio | Idli paste recipe || Idli pindi preparation

Idli is the most traditional break fast recipe of Southern India.  It tastes excellent with coconut chutney and milagai podi.  

First take five measures boiled rice

Wash and drain water at least  twice to remove dirt and other contaminants like pesticides if any


Take one and quarter measure urad dal.  Measure - means the same container is used to measure both idli and ulundu or ulutham paruppu


Add one tea spoon fenugreek to urad dal


Wash and drain water - for urad dhal also at least twice


How long to soak rice for idli batter and how long to soak urad dal for idli
Soak both boiled rice and paruppu ( pappu in Telugu ) for three hours

First wet grind rice in a grinder or mixer depending upon the quantity

Remove rice batter and transfer to a container


Next grind urad dhal

When to add salt to idli batter -
Add salt to the dhal being ground


Remove ground dhal batter and transfer to the same container

Mix batter thoroughly with hand ,  this will help fermentation

Why idli batter didn't ferment or Why is my idli batter not fermenting
These problems will come in winter and in cold places.  So using the hand ( a clean hand of course ) and keeping the batter in a warm place for fermenting may help . This should answer the question how to ferment idli batter in cold  countries or places


How long it takes to ferment idli batter
In tropical countries like India , ferment for six hours , usually we grind at night and the next morning after 6 to 8 hours the batter is ready.
Mix thoroughly with a ladle

Pour batter from one side to another ,  this will ensure that the shape of idli is perfect


Cook in idli cooker

Remove after two minutes


What else can be make with idli batter / Can we use idli batter for dosa - yes we can.  I use the same batter for idli , dosa and kuzhi paniyaram

Dosa and kuzhipaniyaram are ready to be served with chutney


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