Simple poola jada designs- beautiful easy

Material required
fresh flowers
Canvas , kundan stones and trinkets ( to make the jewellery )
needle and thread

What I have made is for Varalakshmi Pooja 2018   This idea can also be used for 
 a Simple poola jadalu for wedding | seemantham | engagement

The advantage is that it is very light because we use dainty flowers and cardboard


Take dainty flowers like jasmine and tie them the traditional way but one one side only


Tie both ends of the string to get a circular shaped flower decoration


Cut the excess thread


Fold a card board as shown in the image below


Tie the flowers to the cardboard


Continue tying as shown in the picture below with floral decorations of decreasing diameter


For each flower complete by tying a knot at the back


Cut the excess cardboard to match the outer shape of the flowers

These simple jewellery can be made using circular canvas .  Kundan stones and other decorative trinkets are stuck as shown to get a circular shaped jewel.  Since the base is made with canvas it can be tied with a string and needle .  However if it is for a one time use it is better to stick because the string will be visible 

Tie or stick the jewels to the jada. Tie thread to the cardboard at two or three places.  This will help us tie to the flower decoration to the hair when we use it for marriage, baby showers etc. 

I have shared this idea for Ammavari decoration for Varalakshmi Vratham.  If you are using for functions make it longer to suit the length of the braid 


Another method is using fresh flowers instead of the jewelry.  I have used roses and dhavana 
as shown in the images below



Can also be a beautiful decoration for Navartri festival 

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