Lemon garland for Durga Aadi masam Pooja

Aadi masam Amman Pooja

According to tradition we worship at least two Gods one is called the Kula Deivam  and the other is called Ishta Deivam.   For our family ishta Deivam is Thiruverkadu Karumariamman.  My mother in law used to go to the temple on many Sundays . 

She made it a point to take the first Paal Kudam of the first Aadi Sunday.  

Making an elumichai malai for Amman is very easy.  It is offered on Tuesdays and particularly during the month of Aadi which is very auspicious for performing Puja to Amman.

Wash the lemons well and clean them with dry cloth

Take a big needle , this makes it easy to pierce the lemon

Tie a knot at the other end


Pierce as shown but not through the stalk side as it may result is juice coming out


Usually 18,27 , 54,108 lemons are used to make a garland.  However I enquired in the Amman temple , they told be that there is no such rule we can make any size depending upon the height of the idol of the deity

Tie the ends of the thread to complete the garland and cut off

The garland is ready

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