How to make Varalakshmi Nombu saradu

Traditional Varalakshmi Vratham Nombu saradu

Take a string long enough to tie around a wrist. Dip it in turmeric powder mixed in water. Tie  nine knots for each saradu.For the central knot tie a flower or part of thazhampoo petal

Make at least five for five sumangalis including the person performing the  Puja. Keep the saradu near Goddess Lakshmi in the mandapam.After the Puja ask another lady  to tie on your right hand.  

The husband can also tie the saradu..Keep betel leaves , areca nut and  fruit in the  right hand while the saradu is tied. The saradu can be removed and offered to the plants preferably Tulsi plant after a few days.

I retain the saradu till Navaratri
The pictures below should give us an idea





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