Simple manai kolam designs small n easy

Rangoli for Varamahalakshmi kalasha decoration Lakshmi Devi in the form of kalasha is welcomed inside the house.  She is placed on a manai on plank.  We draw a rangoli on the plank , a traditional design with lines. 

This type of kolam is also drawn for weddings and other auspicious functions


Draw straight lines at four corners

neli or wriggling lines is an important part of this type of kolam and is drawn on both sides where possible

Draw a simple free hand design at the centre after drawing the line patterns on both sides of the plank.  The words "Om Sri" are written at the top of the plank

It is a tradition to decorate with kaavi.  We get kaavi or ochre powder.  It is mixed in water to get a thin paste that can be applied as a border for the kolam.  When such kolam are drawn at the entrance of a house it indicates that there is an auspicious function inside the house.


The small and easy manai kolam after completion.

The images show the steps for the next kolam


Draw straight and curved lines on either side and then the neli ezhai.

After decorating both sides of the manai with these patterns the central pattern is filled with a simple free hand design and the auspicious words "Om Sri".  It is not in tradition to draw a sikku kolam for these type of kolangal.


Decorate with kaavi and complete the kolam



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