Karthigai Deepam rangoli kolam designs

A small n simple free hand rangoli for Karthigai Deepam festival decoration.  For a change a kolam  without dots and with colours too.  Of course , deepam or lamp is the theme . What Diwali is for many parts of India ,  Karthigai Deepam is for Tamil Nadu.  It is also a festival of lights.

 Two days or rather evenings are celebrated.  First day is Bharani Deepam and the next day is Karthigai Deepam.  The tradition of  lighting lamps throughout the month is also followed in some families.


Small rangoli without chukki ( Rangoli sans dots ) in a few steps 


Simple deepa rangoli design without dots 


I added this simple rangoli with deepam design.  The dot grid used is six to one dots


Rangoli tip:  Dots can be used for decorating kolams , the smaller they are the more beautiful the kolam is.

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