Poojai arai kolangal

Idhaya kolam or thamarai kolam is drawn as shown in the image above.  Place five dots in eight directions. The first set of lines is shown on the top left of the image.  

These kolams are drawn on Fridays in Pujai room only.  They can also be drawn for Tulasi maadam.  
Decorate with kaavi  The first kolam is Aiswarya kolam or Iswarya kolam . 

 The image above shows the step by step procedure to draw the kolam.  The dot pattern is 7 dots at the centre, 8,7,6,3 on either side. 

Many viewers on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram ask me as to what kola podi I use because it has the good qualities of 

both kolam powder and rice flour , where do I purchase , is it any special type of powder etc.  are some of the doubts in the viewers mind

I purchase kola podi from the local vendor only.  In Tamil Nadu you can find street vendors on vehicles selling white rangoli powder

It is also available in some shops in areas like Mylapore, West Mambalam and Triplicane.  Of course you can purchase online too

I sieve the kola podi I purchase .  Then I add rice flour.  The ratio is 3:1 i.e for 3 parts of kolam powder I add one part of rice flour

After adding I mix both for a few minutes so that they get mixed thoroughly.  The resultant mixture is used by me 

for drawing kolam for my daily kolam at the entrance and Pooja Room.  I sue the same powder for my demo videos on social media



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