Karthigai Deepam kolam rangoli

This kolam is a bit tricky , hence I have added more images.  Observe the images carefully, particularly for connecting the lines on four sides of the square.  Add neli lines ( neli literally means wriggle,  they are twisted lines usually drawn in pairs particularly for traditional rangoli ).  Add lamp designs on four sides of the kolam , place deepams .  Decorate with kavi . A simple n beautiful rangoli using lines

Rangoli tip - I use white kola podi and rice flour in the ratio 3:1 i.e 3 parts kola podi and one part rice flour.  I sieve the kolam powder before mixing both thoroughly.


One of the most awesome traditional line rangoli kolam designs


Another step for this kolam with lines and angles 


You can try this for Bhogi geethala muggulu 


We may categorise this under chinna geethala muggulu also 


Green glass bangles with gold bangles , my trade mark :) 


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