Karthigai Deepam kolam simple

The dot pattern is 9 by 5.  Connect the dots with lines as shown in the second picture.  Add diya or deepam patterns .  Add kavi or colours .  Place diyas around the kolam  .  This chukki rangoli 9 by 5 can be used for festivals like Varamahalakshmi Pooja also 

Either we can use diya patterns or convert them into lotuses to represent Goddess Lakshmi .  Stars and spirals are very much useful in creating muggulu This was created long back.  I do not make a note of the date on which it was drawn first.  As and when I feel that a particular design can be shared on social media , I do it.



Chukkala muggulu using lines one more step 


We can stop this 9 pulli kolam with the design  in the previous image also 


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