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6 by 6 dot simple tipke rangoli designs

This is one of the simplest designs possible .  This rangoli is usually drawn at the entrance of homes in Tamil Nadu.  The patterns on the four sides are the same in most rangoli designs drawn at the entrance , the central dot pattern can change. The images below give the steps

After placing the dot grid draw the four lines as shown


Draw the patterns connecting the 3 dots remaining on the outside of the four lines

The next step shows the legs connecting as shown , probably representing tree like designs


The completed rangoli with simple design at the centre.


7 by 7 dot rangoli design for Diwali 

Square dot grids are common in Maharashtra according to my sisters who live in Nagpur and Mumbai.  Tipke rangoli  is my sister's version of calling dot rangoli designs and so I have used square dot grids in this post on dotwali rangoli .

The rangoli below uses a 7 by 7 dot pattern .  This rangoli I created while I sit and try to create some designs after lunch.  Actually , I create a lot of designs  with dots and without too.  I am sharing all here in Rangolisansdots ( Incidentally , this means  rangoli without dots because I started with rangoli without dots only , initially and then decided to venture into rangoli without dots also ).  Once you select  the name with dot com extension , it is not easy to change the name .  It can be done but it is not advisable.  Rangolisansdots looked unique , so I settled for the name but started drawing both types of rangoli designs.  Of course it will have crafts and some recipes also particularly for festivals.  So it is not easy to have a common name that is suitable of rangoli , craft and recipes.  So it will be Rangolisansdots !

Coming to the rangoli , after using the central 4 by 4 dot pattern as shown in the two images below. we can develop the rangoli further in  the remaining dots.



The next few images show how he remaining dots outside the 4 by 4 dot pattern at the centre are used up.




The next rangoli is very unique.  The dot grind is placed inclined to the horizontal .  It is again a square grid , eight by eight dots.


The images below need to be studied carefully, because we may become confused  easily.  I have tried to find the easiest method to draw it.  I can say with confidence that this is one of the easiest ways to draw this what is probably a slightly complicated  rangoli.  The final design results in hearts shapes , one on each side and so it may be suitable for a theme  for Valentine's Day cards  or greeting.
Of course we can  take a card , place the dot grid and then draw the patterns and then add colours



As the rangoli grows or expands , it resembles a labyrinth




After connecting the dots with straight  lines that are parallel or perpendicular to each other , the heart shape is formed outside the dot grid by connecting with two curved lines on each side as shown.
As I said already , the rangoli looks symmetrical when viewed from any of the four main directions.



The images should be self explanatory because I have added a lot of them for a small rangoli .  However if it is still difficult we may refer the video which is from my YouTube channel.


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