Creative rangoli designs using colours

Creative rangoli designs with colours for Diwali | CD , bangle rangoli designs technique

Summer camps art and craft ideas 

Place a CD and bangles around the circumference.  Due to the diameter of the CD and bangles we may not be able to get bangles that exactly touch each other all around the CD.  So we should move them slightly so that we get very little but equal spaces between any two bangles.  If we get bangles that touch each other and also can be accommodated around the CD , we can use them , we are lucky to get such bangles.


Fill the hole at the centre of the CD with white rangoli powder to mark the centre of the rangoli


Now gently , remove the CD from its place without disturbing the bangles.


In the bigger bangles make annular rings of decreasing diameters with green , orange , yellow as shown in the next three images.




Now gently remove the bigger bangles so that the rangoli colours filled do not get smudged.


In the small white bangles fill pink ( I have used pink we can use any colour we feel like to give a colour combination that we are satisfied with )


Placing white dots , small ones around the pink circles enhances the beauty of the rangoli design


Now multi colour dots at the centre are added with various colours


Use pink bullets inside and white bullets ( three numbers ) outside with generous quantity of rangoli powder and press with finger using the finger  technique


The small, simple and  attractive rangoli is ready for Diwali decoration ideas


Drawing rangoli by itself is a creative art , drawn traditionally with fingers as we do in Tamil Nadu with the middle , index fingers and the thumb are with all the fingers including the thumb to some extent as we do in Sanskar Bharti rangoli designs.

Creative ideas in this already creative art are always welcome. As they say , necessity is the mother of all inventions.  So the number of people who want to draw rangoli is growing by leaps and bounds ( it is my guess ) based on the feedback I receive from the channel on YouTube.  Occasionally for their benefit I make some  rangoli designs that apply non traditional methods but are easy to follow, learn and make and are symmetrical , in fact perfectly symmetrically.  For these we can use objects that are commonly found in all households.  Some of them are waste old Cds , glass bangles that we wear.  They are arranged into some specific patterns.  For this we need to apply our imagination.

After forming the basic circles and dots with the CDs and bangles we should make the rangoli more beautiful by adding simple dots and bullets that are pressed by the finger technique of rangoli designs.

The end result will be definitely beautiful.  This method can be tried for the festival of colours , Holi , the festival of lights and rangoli , Diwali and for traditional festivals like Navratri golu decoration and New Year.  They are usually not suitable for Pongal or Sankranti because they are very traditional festivals that demand big and colourful rangoli with dots or rangoli sans dots !  Both varieties are available in huge quantities in Rangolisansdots.  Finding the most suitable  one and the one that we want , is like finding a needle in a haystack given the number of rangoli designs that are available here.    However , I have tried to make navigation of the blog as easy as possible by giving a number of labels and images with links to the posts.

As they say Rome was not built in a day .  Rangolisansdots did not reach this level overnight.  It is a result of painstaking efforts day in and day out.  I should give a lot of credit to my husband and children for his support and guidance ( not in making rangoli ! by the way but in writing the articles , particularly references to science and Math )