Simple kolam for Margazhi month

A collection of very simple kolam that we can try for Margali masam.  These small kolangal can be drawn as kolams without dots .   Add colour to get awesome designs.
While medium size and big rangoli designs are popular during this month.  Occasionally i.e at least a few times in 30 days we may need  small rangoli too .
The first three  rangoli designs can be  tried as pulli illatha kolam .  I have shared only the white kolam.  Please add colours .  It is practically difficult to share all kolam with colours.  I will exhaust my stock quickly and will have to trouble my sister to send it from Nagpur :)

1) White rangoli without dots small


2) Without chukki small white rangoli


3) One more small and simple kolam


4) Birds kolam small and simple - white peacocks , may be 


Sikku kolam of various sizes are hugely popular during Dhanurmasam aka Margazhi .  Here I share a beautiful chikku kolam through few pics
The dot pattern is 9 dots 2 rows then 7,5,3,1 

A tricky kolam , I have tried to make it simple through easy steps . 


Lines move like the waves of the sea - said a viewer on Facebook 


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Small rangoli with dots

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