Yanai kolam enugu muggulu for Sankranthi

 This is a huge elephant kolam ( excuse the pun !!) with 21 by 1 dots.  One of the favourites for Sankranthi muggulu or Pongal kolam.  It is not very time consuming since the patterns repeat.  Once we know how to draw one of the elephants ( of the herd !!) it is easy to draw the other elephants.  The patterns at the centre and those at the dots remaining at the four corners can be drawn according to our wish.  This is also suitable for New Year rangoli design if you are looking for big kolam

I presume that someone who comes in search of grand kolam may have a long experience in drawing rangoli the traditional way.  So the steps are in the reverse order.
I have shown only the white muggu.  We can add colour as we please.  That is the liberty we have in kolam art . Elephants need not be grey , they can be filled with any bright colour
One more step for this Sankranthi big muggulu
One of the biggest muggulu designs with dots step by step through images
Big muggulu with dots can also be drawn for Diwali , if we want to try traditional rangoli designs 
The first step in this enugu muggu
If you are looking for chukki rangoli big size , big pulli kolam designs with steps or big dot rangoli designs you may like it.  This is a common big kolam and so many may be aware of it. It is for those who want to learn and for others who want to revive nostalgic memories of their childhood when they drew this for Pongal or Bhogi.

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