13 to 7 pulli kolam Margazhi rangoli

The dot grid is placed vertically.  It also comes under the category of sangu kolam or star kolams.   In case you have missed it in the title the dot pattern is 13 by 7 

Rangoli tip : If you see the second image you will notice that I have joined all the dots with a single straight line with no joints.  If we practice thus , the kolam looks more beautiful.  I have not added colours but patterns with white kola podi.  We can try will colours too for Margali or New Year 

                                                                    13-to-7-pulli- kolam-Margazhi-rangoli-pic-11122022a.png

Step by step pictures for this chukki rangoli 13 by 7 
13-to-7-pulli- kolam-Margazhi-rangoli-pic-11122022ab.png
Once you draw the star pattern - connecting the dots to form this design is a little tricky.  That is why I have shown 3 steps 
13-to-7-pulli- kolam-Margazhi-rangoli-pic-11122022ac.png
White rangoli has been shown.  We can add colours if required .  We can draw white kolam occasionally for Margazhi too.  Check the background i.e the colour of the floor before you decide 
13-to-7-pulli- kolam-Margazhi-rangoli-pic-11122022as.png

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