13 to 7 pulli kolam Margazhi rangoli

13-to-7-pulli- kolam-Margazhi-rangoli-pic-11122022a.png

13-to-7-pulli- kolam-Margazhi-rangoli-pic-11122022ab.png

13-to-7-pulli- kolam-Margazhi-rangoli-pic-11122022ac.png

13-to-7-pulli- kolam-Margazhi-rangoli-pic-11122022as.png

The dot grid is placed vertically.  It also comes under the category of sangu kolam or star kolams.

Rangoli tip : If you see the second image you will notice that I have joined all the dots with a single straight line with no joints.  If we practice thus , the kolam looks more beautiful.  I have not added colours but patterns with white kola podi.  We can try will colours too for Margali or New Year 

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