8 pulli 8 varisai kolam 8 dots muggulu

What is kolam - Kolam means beauty , beauty due to symmetry.  The opposite of kolam means not in order, haphazard.   Hence kolam means in order , symmetry etc.  Neli kolam category and symmetry are synonymous.

When you view a nelivu kolam ( one of the many names for this variety of rangoli - called melikala muggulu in Telugu , gantina rangoli in Kannada ) from any direction you will find symmetry.

Let us start this post with  a sikku kolam with 8 pulli first 


We can draw it for weekdays ( Monday to Thursday , except Friday ).  I do not draw these on Fridays.  There is no specific reason.  

Next kolam is also a 8 dots sikku kolam , seems easy but can be a bit tricky and demands lots of concentration like almost all kolangal of this type


After sikku kolangal let us try a regular dot kolam with 8 dots 


Step by step pictures for this pulli vacha kolam - an eight dots rangoli 


Chukki rangoli with square dot pattern 

 We all love to draw birds .  The beauty of kolam is that we do not draw them exactly but only a representation.  The way they are presented as birds  depends upon our imagination.  What is more important is that simple designs are sufficient to represent the birds.  As usual add colour to enhance the beauty.  Please use it as a daily kolam or for festivals like New Year , Pongal 

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