9 dots kolangal

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kolangal-1.jpgkolangal-1-a.jpgkolangal-1-b.jpgThis is a kolam or rangoli design (kolangal is the plural of kolam for those who are not aware ).  It is birds kolam design.  I have added very few colours infact some colourful lines inside the birds patterns to make it simple.  The intermediate steps for this kolam design are shown below.  The dot pattern is 9 to 1.  After placing the dots, draw the petal like patterns at the centre and connect the dots as shown.  In the second stage use the dots above to form a bird pattern using dots and some free hand designs.                                            
kolangal-2.jpgThe kolam in the image s with a dot template of 9 to 1.  As usual place the dot grid, Draw the outer swastik-like curved designs on the four corners.  Then add the floral designs in the next stage.  Now a few dots are left at the centre.  Draw the design shown above.  I have added two colours pink and blue to the plain design.  A very easy and simple 9 dot kolam design. The video should of help if you have doubts in the steps involved in drawing the design in the image above.

kolangal-3.jpgThe kolam on the left is of dot pattern 9 to 1 (straight dots or ner pulli).  The dot template is placed with white kolam powder.  The four outer flower-like designs are drawn.  Then the patterns between them are drawn .  The central floral design is drawn finally.  Then  the outer designs are connected to the central floral petals.  Colours are used to get the image above.  The video below explains the step by step method for this kolamIn a series of  kolangal I published simple kolam with dots, pulli kolam designs, rangoli with 6 dots.  Hence this post I would like to devote to 9 dots kolams aka kolangal.

kolangal-4.jpgThe first kolam in this series.  The dot pattern is 9 dots to 1 ner pulli - a simple design with petals.  Place the dots , start the outer design of petals completing all the four corners.  Then the central flower is to be drawn.  The remaining dots are also used to get some floral designs.  A simple kolam that can be completed quickly.
Apart from these there are few more 9 dots kolangal in my YouTube channel. and Rangolisansdots in Rangoli with dots  and kolam designs. Since they belong to this category they are share here too. They may also be available in a different category here. View the rangoli it the post, place the dot pattern and use it up with patterns at the centre and complete the design with simple and cute  free hand patterns representing the head, neck and wings of birds.                                            
kolangal-6.jpgkolangal-5.jpg The image on the right is a plain version of a kolam that has been added for Deepavali kolam designs for 2013.  It has been added here because it is a 9 dot kolam with dot grid 9 to 5 - dots in between             
       The image on the left is drawn with a 9 to 5 dot dots in between pattern.  The dot grid is used to draw the designs first at the centre and from there the kolam is expanded. Finally some free hand designs are added at the centre.  To view completed rangoli with colours go to  kolam
    Simpler kolangal  with 5 dots and 7 dots are available here.For free hand kolangal please go to Margazhi kolangal

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