Kambi kolangal eppadi poduvathu

Step by step images to draw these beautiful traditional rangoli designs 

A beautiful  9 pulli kambi kolam ( in Tamil for twisted rangoli )  through pics 

The dot pattern is 9 dots 5 rows, 5 dots 2 rows then one extra dot on all four sides 

Kambi kolam are the best kolam designs for our daily vasal kolam because once we practice we can draw small 

and even some relatively big designs quite easily and in very little time. 

 An important factor to be taken into account since time is a premium for us nowadays. 

 Most kambi kolam have bilateral symmetry.  i.e they are symmetrical when viewed from two planes.

When we travel by road through villages and towns these variety of kolam are ubiquitous. It is in cities that 

we should revive this tradition of drawing kolam daily.

Call them gantina rangoli , melikala muggulu in Kannada and Telugu respectively , these classical rangoli designs 

may rank among the best in the world of rangoli designs.



This kolam uses 9 dots 3 rows, 7 dots 2 rows and 3 dots one row.  A somewhat tricky kolam , so I have added  pictures to show the steps clearly ( I hope !) Except for the centre , a Bramha mudichi type rangoli

This kolam forms a continuous line after drawing the central square pattern.  This is the characteristic of Brahma mudichi  ( Brahma's knot ) sikku kolam .

The next  kolam uses 9 by 1 dot pattern.  It consists of drawing a pattern four times and they are not connected to each other.  
5,7,9 pulli kambi kolam can be used for our daily rangoli designs

One more kambi kolam with 9 dots to 1 pattern.  It is a common kolam.  As usual few pictures showing the steps
This is one of the most awesome rangoli designs I have tried.  Hope you will like it too.  Beautifully symmetrical.

10 pulli kambi kolam 
Step by step pictures for a classical and beautiful kambi kolam - 10 pulli 10 varisai 

A somewhat big sikku kolam that can be drawn for our Pongal rangoli kolam designs
7 to 1 dots kolam
A small and simple design for our daily purpose vasal kolangal 

Very small kolam that can be drawn at the entrance of apartments ( and that are more common in metros )

Chinna Chinna kambi kolangal poduvadhu eppadi ( சின்ன கம்பி கோலம் போடுவது எப்படி )
The kolam below uses a 5 by 5 dot pattern.  The images explain the steps


The next kolam is with 6 by 6 dots

Square dot grid , a standard dot pattern is used.  We have non standard dot patterns too.

 A anju pulli kolam with extra 2 dots at each corner

Many designs are with individual elements that repeat and this may result in non standard dot grids.

Another 5 by 5 dots kambi kolam with extra one dot on four sides

A  very small but tricky kolam 

Next kolam is 9 by 9 dot design


You can try these for Margali masam kolangal, Bhogi rangoli kolam or daily sikku kolam.

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