Brahma mudichi kolam Brahma mudi kolam

Margali kolam | Pongal kolangal | Sankranthi muggulu 2020
This is a unique type of chikku kolam .  Here we use a single line that goes around the dot grid and gets connected to where it started and hence the name.  Just by looking at a completed design it may be difficult to decipher the puzzle that it appears and probably one of the reasons why it is called so. 

As is the norm in this blog,  I have give few images to show the intermediate steps to make it easy to understand and learn.  I have used a 11 by 1 dot grid.  This kolam can be drawn with 9 , 7 dots and bigger dot patterns also.


Step by step pictures are shown to make easy to follow 


For your weekday ( Monday to Thrusday ) or weekend kolam ideas


Thin long lines should be drawn at a single stretch 


It comes with practice 

Try for Dhanuramasam rangoli for one of the 30 days 


You may also use for sikku kolam with 11 dots or melikala muggulu with 11 dots for Bhogi and Pongal.
What is kolam
Kolam means beauty . To elaborate beauty due to symmetry.

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