Simple kolam with dots

Lotus kolam with dots for Margazhi or Pongal



The lotus rangoli above is with a dot pattern 13 to 1. Draw the simple design at the centre.  Add the four lotuses coloured pink on four sides.  Connect the remaining dots to use them up as shown.  A very beautiful flower rangoli. . In case you want to draw a single lotus free hand version it is available in easy rangoli. Two intermediate steps of the lotus rangoli or kolam are shownin the image above.
I would like to post some simple kolam  with dots ( or simple chukkala muggulu in Telugu )  because I have received  many requests from friends and viewers. Almost all kolam  I have drawn for Margazhi month are free hand designs. However I want to limit the number of dots to 15 in this post, to make the rangolis simple so that I can devote a separate post for bigger rangolis.. Also I  have not limited the design at the plain stage but filled with some colours.   All rangolis in this post are creations (!) of my own imagination so please bear with me.  Once one becomes relatively comfortable with free hand rangolis it is some what easy to create rangoli with dots.  What we have to do is to imagine the design of our choice and try to fit it into a dot pattern.  It is easy for smaller kolams with less than 15 dots and easier for kolams less than 10 dots.   I have shown some examples in previous posts how a free hand rangoli an be converted into one with dots.  The "lotus kolam", and the "butterfly and flower kolam" are examples.   Similarly it is possible to convert other kolam ( please note that I  use the words rangoli and kolam because I do not differentiate between the two though there may be differences in classic explanations).  Obviously, all rangoli with dots can be converted into free hand type.  Here is a collection of some rangolis.  Probably you will observe that  there is a bias towards free hand designs even in these because that's Rangoli-sans-dots.
The rangoli above has been drawing using  dots of 13 to 1 dot pattern (ner pulli). Draw the birds (ducks) first on the outside.  Then add the simple flower at the centre. I have chosen a floral petal design we can use any other design according to our imagination.   Connect the birds with petal patterns to use the dots.  Add colours as shown to complete the design.  .The black and white image shows the rangoli stage after the ducks are drawn.  The remaining dots are used up as shown in the completed rangoli in the image at the top.



The rangoli above is of 9 dots to 9 dots pattern. Draw the four lamp like designs on the four corners.  Add the central  swastik  design enhanced with simple lines as shown.  In the remaining dots add a simple sikku kolam design filled with colours and simple designs in white powder.   Two images showing how the kolam develops are also shown.

Some small and simple kolam with 7 dots     


This rangoli above has a dot template of 7 by 7.  Draw the outer floral designs as shown in the video.  Draw the flower at the centre and add the patterns above as shown in the image.  Quite an easy and basic rangoli and can be drawn in very little time.  It is quite popular on my YouTube Channel. Since it is a very simple design it can be drawn free hand also.  This rangoli has been posted on Rangoli of November  2012 as a free hand design. It can be drawn free hand too. The  photo above shows some of the steps in drawing this kolam and are self-explanatory. and the two images below show how it can be drawn without using a dot grid ! Easy for small kolam designs using basic kolam patterns.

rangoli-kolam-design-12123a.jpg                                          rangoli-kolam-design-12123b.jpg       



The dot pattern of the rangoli  is 7 by 4.  In this case draw the central floral petals.  Draw more petals as shown to connect the edges of the central petals.  Add simple designs to use up the remaining dots.  I have used just one colour,  pink and still it is beautiful, isn't it. We start a design either from the centre or from the periphery according to our choice. The first image shows the steps in the beginning for this kolam and the second image shows the kolam nearing completion and these two images give us an idea as to how to draw it


The next kolam is of dot pattern 7 by 7. Draw the floral design on the four corners. Then add the design at the centre.  Connect both with some simple designs as shown.  It is also a simple rangoli with minimum colours and can be drawn in a few minutes .  Draw the central design in blue and connect the edges to the pink floral petals. and use the remaining dots with patterns of  your choice. The two images in black and white give us an idea as to how to draw this kolam.

A collection of simple kolam designs ( chukkala muggulu as they are called in Telugu ) using 7, 9 dot grid.  The designs drawn are all very simple

There is a collection of simple 30 simple kolam using 4 to 9 dots grid in my video channel on YouTube.  This will be useful if you are interested in learning simple kolam.  The link is 
30 simple rangoli / kolam designs

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