Rangoli - 11 dots

In the series of rangolis with dots, the next is 11 dot rangolis.  Of course I have not yet drawn 7 dots rangolis in separate posts, but have drawn them in Rangoli-sans-dots. Also rangoli with 10 dots are due.  However, for whatever reason, or no reason I have decided to draw some rangolis with 11 dots.  Here is the first rangoli.


 It is a 11 to 1 dot ner pulli kolam.  After placing the dot template, draw the four petal floral design at the centre.  Then draw the V shaped designs on all four sides.  At the edges, draw simple and small flowers with four petals.  The remaining dots are also filled with two  petal designs with curved lines between them.  Fill with a few colours to get the image shown below.  It is a very simple rangoli. Since this post is on rangoli with 11 dots, there is rangoli with 11 dots in Pulli kolam designs.  It is also with 11 dots the dot grid is 11 to 6 idukku pulli. The images in black and white show two intermediate steps of this rangoli design



The next rangoli in the 11 dot series, above.  There is a heavy influence of free hand design in this rangoli, because that's my style and my blog rangoli-sans-dots.  Place the dot template 11 to 1 (ner pulli).  Draw the outermost four designs or motifs first.  Next draw the central swastik like design.  Connect the outer motifs to the central pattern with some designs connecting the dots. Use the remaining dots as shown in the video.  Finally add some curved lines on the outside patterns.  I have filled it with few colours blue, orange and yellow to get the rangoli design in the image.  This can also be drawn as a free hand rangoli.Since it is a relatively difficult design, referring to the video in my channel may be helpful. Also, there is a simpler version using this motif in simple rangoli with five dots.

Festival - Savitri Vratha
This festival falls during June (Jyeshta month full moon day).  Legend has it that Savitri after penance could get back the life of her husband on this day.  So this vratha or puja is performed on this day for the welfare of the spouse.  After the puja five married women are invited to the house and offered haldi-kumkum with mangoes. After fasting from morning a feast is arranged in the afternoon with kheer (sweet porridge ). A portrait of Savitri is decorated with turmeric, kumkum, cotton garland (called vastra ) and flowers It is also called Vata Savitri Vratha (probably because Vata refers to fig tree )

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