Vellikizhamai Pooja arai kolam

There are some traditional kolam designs that are drawn in the Pooja room particularly on Fridays ( Vellikizhamai in Tamil )

These designs are considered to represent Goddess Lakshmi and are usually in the shape of a lotus and hence they are not drawn 

at the entrance of homes.  However the regular kolam drawn at the entrance are for welcoming Goddess Lakshmi 

One of the many benefits of drawing this simple art is the positive thoughts and positive vibes that emanate when we draw it.

We draw the Feet of  God or Goddess imagining that He / She is residing there to bless us.  I have used this them here too

The images show the step by step procedure to draw this beautiful rangoli. 1) The dot pattern is 4 dots in 16 directions

2) Draw curved lines outside sets of three dots as shown in the pic 3) After completion of lines in one direction , start drawing the other set of lines .

4)   Connect the 6th line after leaving 5 curved lines .  Continue ..  Draw Lakshmi Padham for Friday Poojai decoration 

As we usually do decorate with kaavi border around the periphery and at the centre to give an auspicious look 




Draw Lakshmi Padham for Friday Poojai decoration 

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