Sankranthi peacock muggulu Nemali rangoli

The dot pattern is 9 by 5 placed horizontally.  Actually I wanted to draw a rangoli with 9 by dots placed vertically.   After placing the dots ( probably absent minded ) I realised that I had placed them as a horizontal grid.  So I decided to create a muggu and the result is seen in the images !!Sankranthi-peacock-muggulu-image-6122a.pngDot pattern is 9 by 5 
Peacock chukki rangoli through images 
Only shading as been dont

Navili rangoli with chukki can be drawn for New Year muggulu also.
Drawing rangoli on mud floor after sprinkling water , in the morning , when the whole world is silent except for few birds who have begun another day by chirping , is a divine experience. Nowadays we draw on cement floor or on tiles only

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