chukki rangoli 7 to 4

This is a tricky rangoli , hence I have included step by step images also.  If the patterns are drawn at a single stretch , the result will be beautiful without joints in the lines
We can draw directly with rangoli colours too , using different colours , many combinations are possible.  The quality of colour powder should be good.
If you are looking for 7 chukki rangoli , kolam 7 dos 4 for your daily purpose muggulu , this idea can be tried on any day of the week or festivals like Dasara , Sankranthi.
One of the many chukkala muggulu designs I have shared with steps
Occasionally , I share images showing my green glass bangles because it has become sort of a trade mark.  When I change my bangles to any other colour, there is objection from the viewers .  They have doubts as to who is drawing that particular kolam. 
Simple colour decoration can be done because there is little space in the patterns.  Having said that , the size of the patterns depend  upon the gaps among the dots

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