Simple New Year chukkala muggulu designs

Simple 5 dots chukkala muggulu with dots
This is one of the simplest designs from the dot grid angle and also from the patterns that are created.  This is for those who are looking  for a simple and small muggu for New Year for additional decoration or if they are trying their hand at rangoli for the first time. The dot pattern is 5 by 5 .  


The central dots in the outer rows and  columns are connected to get the rhombus shape.  Then inside we have the swastik.  This leaves the three dots on the four sides as is evident from the image.   Draw two parallel lines of different lengths as shown in the next image. 
  The only difficult part in the muggu is the next step where we have to convert the two parallel lines into three triangles as shown in one of the images.  For many it will be easy , some may find it not so easy.  I hope the relevant picture has made it easy. The rest is simple , add dots and decorations to complete the simple muggu.

                         Creation of these triangles may be slightly tricky 
                           Chukki rangoli 5 to 5 is ready 

The next muggulu with dots , another 5 dots muggu but it is not as easy as the previous design is.  It involves the drawing of four bird designs that can be considered to represent simple peacock patterns.
 Drawing curved lines to get the birds patterns as close to perfection as possible needs practice. Actually we should not think too much or over-think while drawing the birds , if we concentrate too much on the design we may lose our concentration on our fingers.  Keep everything simple in life and in rangoli making also and the patterns will flow easily without any problems.  Though the final picture shows that there are four birds designs it is difficult to comprehend that this is what the final result will be  if we have a look at the initial steps of the kolam.  Many of my viewers are also of the same opinion.  Through their comments on YouTube and email they say that it is difficult to judge what I am drawing and what I the final outcome will be.



                  Beautiful birds with just 5 chukki or pulli 

8  chukkala muggu | Simple and easy
Again another simple muggu with dots.  The images are self explanatory , however for record , the four spear like shapes are drawn on the four corners.  This leaves the four dots on four sides that are connected with inclined lines.  The next step is drawing patterns that reminds one of Warli art.  Warli art is a quite a simple and easy traditional art and hence this muggu should also be very easy to understand and draw.  We can try it for New Year muggulu with dots. The patterns are then converted into stands for diyas or deepam .  So we can try such designs for Karthigai Deepam muggulu also.
The dots that remain at the centre are converted into swastik pattern with some curved line decorations.  This muggu is not only easy to see but easy to draw also.  Actually some designs may be difficult and may discourage us from trying at first sight but we will find them easy when we draw.  Some may be easy when we see but may be difficult when we draw.  This is easy to see and easy to draw,  I think and hope it is so for all.

Also for our 8 pulli kolam designs
8 chukkala muggulu simple 
chukki rangoli 8 by 8 in a few steps 
Drawing directly with colours may be a good choice.  The white muggu can be used for daily purpose
A simple 9 by 5 dots muggu with star patterns
Star designs are very popular in rangoli or muggulu as also nine dots designs.  First the petals are formed as shown in the first image with the dots assigned suitably.  Next the gaps between the petals are developed into star shaped patterns by drawing two inverted triangles.  What is left is the dot grid at the centre.  This can be converted into a floral design with six petals. 
 From the centre of the flower the petals on the outside are conencted with curved lines that should flow smoothly to get a beautiful muggu that can be drawn for any occasion like Karthigai Deepam or Karthigai Vilakkidu festival or with colours for New Year


          Kolam  with stars as theme can be drawn for Karthigai Deepam or as our Tuesday rangoli 
Connect the flowers to the stars

The next muggu is a very small muggu using a star shaped dot pattern.  However it can be confusing too.  The central  patterns are drawn as we do in most kolam.  Next using the extensions triangles are drawn to get a muggu pattern , where it appears as if one triangle is inserted in the other.  A small and challenging muggu design with dots if you are looking for one such design for New Year. ( samvatsara muggulu )
                           Star based chukki rangoli designs that we can also try for special occasions like Bhogi 
              Step by step images are given for this pulli kolam with beginners in mind 
                              Nakshatra muggulu design is  a common type of rangoli made 
Creating this type of star may be tricky , hence many steps 
Decoration with lines and other motifs , adding colours for this white rangoli left to our imagination

This is a collection of some the simplest chukkala muggulu that I could think of .  Almost all rangoli designs are created by me.  I have created lots of designs, only some of them I  share through videos on my rangoli Channel - Rangolisansdots on YouTube ( I have added some crafts and recipes also due to many requests from viewers and subscribers ).  

Many designs that I have created are there in the note books either because I am not able  to find enough time to convert them into videos are because I think some of them may not be suitable to be converted into videos at present.  Frankly I am surprised that a few rangoli muggulu that I think are not up to the mark being welcomed by the viewers.  Probably it is like the movies where we cannot predict which movie will do well at the box office.  Though I create most rangoli designs may be it will around ninety percent ,  I also share videos and steps for common muggulu with dots that I learnt from my mother , elder sisters when I was very young.  Of course my elder sisters still give me some information from their memory and that fortunately for me and  for you is quite good on some old rangoli designs that my mother and grand mother used to draw . 

 Consequently some old rangoli designs that probably are rarely used have come to light.  One of them is the tiger's claws muggu .  I have a video for it that I uploaded two years back but I was not aware of its name.  When one of my subscribers from Mumbai asked me about it I thought she was asking  about Pulli nagam ( or a serpent rangoli drawn with dots , this is usually drawn for Naga Chaturthi and Panchami ).  Then she clarified that it is puli nagam or tiger's claws .  I asked my sister and immediately she gave information about it based on what we learnt from our mother and  I could pass on the link to the kolam from my video Channel.

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