Yellow rose petal garland images

Yellow rose decoration using petals - we need yellow roses and craft thread. I have used golden colour to match with the colour of the flowers.

Remove the petals from the flowers gently.  Take four or five petals such that the outermost is the biggest.



Roll the petals as shown in the image

Tie a knot  around the petals as shown in the next two pics .  Bring the thread to the left side bottom as shown in the image below.


Using the fingers form a loop and insert the petals in the loop and pull the string to make the knot

Take the next set of four or five petals

Place them next to the first set of petals

Bring the string to the left between the first and second set

Again form a loop with string and tie both sets of petals together.  i.e the first and second.
When we place the third set of petals tie the 2nd and 3rd set of petals.

The top view of the petals as shown.  Make it as long as possible to make a garland.  Such garlands can be used for Pooja .  We invariably use yellow flowers for Guru on Thursday.  So we can make this yellow rose garland for images of Sri Raghavendra Swamy or Sai Baba or other Gurus in our Pooja room. It can also be used for Varamahalakshmi Habba decoration


Alternatively we can make a semicircular garland and use it for hair decoration - for bridal hair decoration for weddings or festivals like Seemantham and Valaikappu.


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