6-7 dots rangoli step by step images

A unique and tricky kolam - step by step tutorial 
This is also called biscuit kolam . 

At first sight this design may appear to be easy but it is likely that we may get stuck some where so it is preferable to practice it a few times if possible on paper with pen or pencil and then try it on the floor with kola podi

The dot pattern is 7 dots 6 rows and 6 dots 7 rows. First place the 7 dots rows and then in the gaps place the 6 dots rows

Though it is small it is beautiful isn't it. this chukki rangoli


The first step shows the straight lines drawn as shown in the image below starting from the centre of the dot grid

The next step draw parallel lines to the previous lines connecting the respective dots


The next set of parallel lines starting from the image in the previous pattern in four directions as shown in the next photo

The next set of parallel lines in four directions perpendicular to the previous pairs of lines

The remaining dots are connected with curved lines

For further decoration we can draw lotuses or any other suitable patterns.  I have used lotus designs on all four sides.

A close up of one of the lotuses being drawn to show the position of the fingers for those who may need it.
For those who are new to this rangoli please try for Diwali  with colours 

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