Chukki rangoli 7 to 4 Easy and beautiful

Two chukki rangoli designs simple yet beautiful.  Having shared hundreds or probably thousands of designs ( I have lost count of ) I still have the motivation to continue .
  This is due to the feedback I receive on social media i.e  Facebook , Instagram.


It makes me happy when I come to know that  some youngsters are inspired by my contribution and have started drawing rangoli daily 

You may have observed that the lines are drawn without a break.  

We can add decorations to match the rangoli 


Rangoli with dots is called chukki rangoli in Kannada.  These images show how to draw a small and beautiful rangoli with 7 by 4 dots.  For our daily entrance rangoli one more design that you can make a note of .


Add colours and free hand patterns to beautify the design more. Two of the smallest and best chukki rangoli designs.

The three pictures above show a very simple rangoli .  I have started with drawing lines outside the dot pattern instead of connecting them.  As they say regimentation suppresses creativity !!

You can try this without colors as daily chukki rangoli or for festivals like Ugadi, Sankranthi if you want a small and easy kolam.

Rangoli tip :  It is a good practice to draw without moving around the design for small and medium sized rangolis 

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