Chukki rangoli 11 to 6 Simple beautiful

This rangoli has become popular on social media.  I do not share the same design on all social media profiles simultaneously.  This kolam , I created long back for the website.   When I shared it as a video on Facebook , Instagram it became quite popular.  

Invariably, I create a lot of small and simple rangoli .

Occasionally , I go for 11 and 15 dots .  This is one of them.

I have shared only the white kolam.  Add colours if you feel like or you can make this rangoli directly with various combinations of colourful lines , if the quality of powder is good.

chukki rangoli with 11 to 6 dots , made easy through these images

I was pleasantly surprised when this kolam became popular on social media.  May be there are many people who search for simple and easy medium sized rangoli too.
It is usually the small rangoli designs that attract lot of attraction.  After all there are many beginners particularly of the younger generation , who want to learn .  So they start with small rangolis
Extensions to the design in the form of flowers and spirals make it even more atrractive 
An easy rangoli I created . It usually in the afternoon or at night ,  I create rangoli designs both free hand and dot rangoli.  Many notes books have been used up.  Only a few I share on social media.  The step by step images should be helpful if there is any doubt.

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