Tulasi kota mundu muggulu video

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Aishwarya patra rangoli or muggu


Drawn in the Puja room and for Tulsi kota it is an auspicious kolam.  It is not drawn at the entrance.
The dot pattern is 7 dots at the centre, 8 dots on either side.  Next we have one row of 7 dots on either side , 6 dots one row each on either side and finally three dots on either side.

Lakshmi Hrudaya rangoli and

I have added an image with different colours to show how the dots are connected

 Kubera rangoli


Both have similar dot patterns.  Start with a dot at the centre.  Then eight arms each with five dots in eight directions.

Hridaya kamal rangoli is drawn connecting the dots in the order 1,4,2,5,3,1

Kubera rangoli is drawn using the following procedure.  Place the dot grid.  Draw five parallel lines of decreasing length outside the dot grid.  Connect these lines with the dots drawn in the eight arms.
Watching the video will give a better idea

Geethala muggulu for Tulsi kota

This is one of the most popular rangoli with lines for Tulsi Maa , Friday Puja room decoration and for functions in our family.  My other used to call it the Hase rangoli.

The picture shows the side view of the rangoli


We can offer aarthi in Telugu for Tulsi after Puja in Friday.  The video below shows the aarthi in our family for Lakshmi , Tulsi Pooja



  1. how does it look when it is completed

  2. Now I have added the photo showing how it looks when it is completed