Betel leaf garland Vetrilai malai making

How to make a beautiful betel leaves garland for Lord Hanuman
There are many methods of making this garland for Lord Anjaneya and also for Lord Ganesh.  This is not the traditional method .  However regimentation as they say suppresses creativity.

Take fresh betel leaves and wash them well.

Some apply areca nuts also because in our tradition betel leaves and areca nuts are offered together.

I have used a fancy lace that I use for my craft videos.

How many leaves in  vetrilai malai making

We usually use 27, 54 or 108 leaves depending upon the size of the image or idol.

When do we do Pooja to Lord Hanuman

Saturdays and on days when the constellation is Moola


Take two leaves and fold them together

Using a needle and thread fasten them to the lace at both ends.



Place the next pair of leaves below the first pair, behind the lace and hold both pairs of leaves together using needle and thread.  This ensures that the garland is perfect with all leaves held firmly


Continue this till the garland is completed.    The lace can be extended beyond the garland or we can staple thread to tie the garland to the image of the Lord

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