Can we reuse flower garlands from God's photo

It is a good practice to remove the garland offered to Gods in the Puja the next day before starting the Puja. The dry flowers are removed and kept in a separate basket or bamboo plate near Pooja mandir or in the Pooja room.

 I offer the dried flowers to the Tulsi plant. In our family we do not put them in the dust bin. If Tulsi plant is not available we can offer to any other plants or trees in our garden, terrace garden. 

 Also these garlands are not reused for any other photo or for any other purpose in the house. Traditionally flowers are tied with vazhai naaru ( banana bark fibre - dried ) . 

 I removed the dried flowers and used the fibre again for tying flowers but only for Puja . Paneer rose petals , some fragrant leaves ( called maru , dhavanam ) were ground with shikkai few decades back.

Nowadays everything available readymade !

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