3 pulli 3 varisai kolam daily purpose

While we would like to maintain our tradition, save our heritage , nowadays time is an important factor   Many of us are working and have to balance personal , official life.  

Consequently the need for quick and easy kolam.  We can try big and elaborate designs for festivals and functions and reserve small kolangal for our daily use.

Also nowadays most live in flats and the space available to draw kolam is restricted.  This is also a reason why small and simple kolams are in great demand.

The pictures give some ideas on how we can create beautiful designs with just three dots.  Sky is the limit when we let our imagination run riot . 

 It is possible to create beautiful kolams using the samllest dot grids.  Hope the above pictures prove it.

One important point to be noted is that small kolams that are drawn with dots can also be drawn without dots. 

 However many of us find using dot grid to draw kolam useful and we are comfortable with this technique of drawing with dot grids.

 All the kolam below have step by step images ( in the reverse order ) because sometimes just by looking at the image it may not be possible to draw some designs.  So it will be helpful for all including beginners 

A cute 3 pulli kolam 
Very small rangoli designs for home

How to draw birds kolam with just three dots

Very very small rangoli with dots 

Flower kolam using 3 pulli

Small lotus kolam 
Small lotus chukki rangoli can be drawn in Pooja room on Friday , Varamahalakshmi Pooja

A simple rangoli design with 3 by 3 dots

A collection of the smallest chukkala muggulu designs 


Beautiful and intricate kolam with 3 dots !

Small muggulu rangoli
Small muggulu rangoli

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Small rangoli with dots

9 dots or pulli kolangal