Mangala Gowri Pooja and Vratha

Mangala Gowri festival, Vrat  is performed for first five years after marriage.  The idol of Mangala Gowri is handed over to the married lady. 

 She performs this puja every year after marriage for five years on Sravana Tuesday (Mangala vaar) i.e on all Tuesdays of the month.  

This is done for a happy married life.  Betel leaves and nuts ( eight numbers) are offered to Goddess (Gowri or Parvathi) and eaten by the husband and wife. 

 Offerings include wheat flour modhakam and a kheer with wheat flour ball in milk.  Sixteen wicks are made from cotton, dipped in ghee and aarti is performed with these wicks.

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Mangala Gowri Pooja story
It is said that a girl in whose family Mangala Gowri Pooja was performed regularly was married at an early age.  Goddess Mangala Gowri came in here dream and told her " Lady, you have married recently ,  tonight a cobra will come and try to bite your husband.  Keep a vessel filled with milk nearby.  The cobra will enter to drink the milk.  Close the vessel with a cloth and tie it .  Give it to your mother as gift ( also called Van in Marathi )
When she gave it to her mother she was surprised to see that the cobra had turned into flowers due to the grace of Goddess Mangala Gowri .
Hence it is believed that performing this Pooja will give long life to the husband 
Mangala Gowri Puja Naivedyam | Mangala Gauri Naivedya
Make pooran with grated coconut and jaggery.  For one cup coconut, three fourth cup jaggery powder is added.  Add ghee and roast in a shallow vessel.  Add cardamom powder when both stick to each other but do not stick to the vessel
Make dough as we do for chappati or poori.
Roll the dough to get a mini poori 
Place pooran at the centre and fold the edges.
Fry in oil
Offer sixteen numbers to the Goddess 

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