7 dots sikku kolam images

Sikku kolam poduvathu eppadi |  7 dots kambi kolam | 7 pulli kambi kolam 
The beauty of this type of kolam is drawing the curved lines that move around the dots gracefully with neat lines and curved lines.  
We should draw the entire kolam with confidence to get beautiful designs.  The secret is very simple.  It is just practice.  It must be cliche but that is the truth.  
Practising many kolams will make us better and better in this art. 

Practising the same kolam on a notebook with pen or pencil several times or with a  chalk piece on floor will increase our confidence in drawing the design because they are extremely tricky most times.

 The more confident we are with the design the more beautiful our lines will be.  The number of breaks in the lines should also be minimum 
Dot pattern 7 dots 4 rows, 5 dots one row between and two extra dots
What I have shown are the steps in the side view 
Next step in the 7 pulli sikku kolam
Display a white kolam or add colours
Dot pattern for kolam below is 7,5,3,1
An intermediate step for this rather simple sikku kolam with 7 dots 
Dots used 7,5,3,1
Images for two steps in this seven dot sikku kolam design 
A simple rangoli for weekend i.e Saturday and Sunday.  I do not use this variety for my vasal kolangal on Friday.
ots used for the kolam 7,5,3,1 - try this kolam.  I have not added the steps

Dots used 7,5,3,1
I think the image is self explanatory ,  however I have added a step 
Dots grid is 7,5,3,1
I have the luxury of using colours for drawing sikku kolam because my sister has sent a huge quantity by courier .  She is in Nagpur.
Drawing directly with colours result in even more beautiful sikku kolangal as I discorvered.
Dots 7 to 1 ner pulli - only photo without steps
Dots 7 to 1 ner pulli
Quite a common neli kolam
Dot grid is 7 dots 3 rows, 5, 3 - only picture without steps
If you have come here looking for sikku kolam for beginners, sikku kolam new designs or sikku kolam rangoli easy some of the designs shared here may fit the bill.  I would like to reiterate ( since I have already stated elsewhere in this website i.e if my memory serves me right ) sikku kolangal and padi kolam are among the best rangoli in the world , in my opinion.  These old and traditional rangolis are unique, ckikku kolam as it is also called for the challenging designs and padi kolam for the thin fine lines.  Incidentally sikku means not , neli means wriggle .  I think we agree that these names describe them perfectly. 

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